Wondering why you can't order online? Because everything we do is custom made to meet your needs.  Call us at (516) 485-4292 or e-mail us at info@choctree.net to get more information about our assortment of gifts and treats and of course, to place an order.

You can mix and match any item in our inventory to meet your specific needs.
Unavailable items will be replaced with similar items of equal or greater value.
We ship anywhere in the US, and we accept all major credit cards. 
Beautiful gifts for the new couple...
Hammered Gandola Boat 
23.5" x 8.25" x 3.5" tall $80.00
Scalloped Bowl
13.5"dia x 5" tall $48.00
Leaf Collage
10"dia x 4.75" tall $46.00
Double Hammered Square
10.25"sq x 5.5" tall $46.00
Engagement / Wedding Gifts
Diamond Oval 
25" x 9" $37.00
Oblong Oval 
24.25" x 10" $34.00
Grid Oval 
24.25" x 7.25" $90.00